Puppy play mittens


Adorable paw print mitts which can be made to measure


These mitts are made of real leather and can be custom made, so if you fancy the paw prints in a different colour leather to match your outfit or stand out more, just email when ordering with your choice of colour. The mitts are padded inside, making them very comfortable to wear or use. The exterior leather is reasonably supple which means they will move and flex, making them comfortable to use for puppy and kitten play. The mitts take away the use of the hands, which can be a quick way to get into the mindset of puppy play. They also make it more comfortable to roll around and move about on hands and knees during play.

The mittens force the wearer to form a fist shape within them. However they are designed to have a slightly bulbous end over the fist, to allow the wearer to wiggle their fingers slightly, which helps maintain blood flow and circulation. The mittens are made from a combination of panels of a softer and a stiffer leather, enabling you to achieve a tight, snug fit around the wrist to prevent the submissive getting free whilst still making them very comfortable for the submissive to wear, even for long periods. The base of the mittens is edged with soft suede, to prevent rubbing or chafing.

The mittens feature a welded D-ring, double stitched onto the front, making them suitable for bondage. The mittens have a lockable buckle, which can be used as a regular buckle or you can lock the wearer into them with a padlock.

Shown are plain black mitts and also black mitts with purple pads. Pads can be red, black, purple, pink, green, blue.

The bondage mitts are made by Bondatrix and can be made to measure. To achieve a good fit when ordering please provide the following measurements:
1)Form a fist and measure around the fist at the knuckles (the widest part of the fist). 
2)Around the wrist.

3)Distance from wrist to knuckle of middle finger.

Alternatively state whether they are for an average woman, average man, or man with very large hands and the appropriate size will be sent.

Additional information


Medium, Large, Extra large

Paw colour

Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow


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