Ultimate padded blindfold with red leather edging


Luxurious, comfortable, with velcro fastening.

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Our most comfortable and luxurious blindfold.

A wide blindfold offering a large amount of cover. This blindfold features an ergonomic shaping for an effective fit. The blindfold is fully padded and features a soft leather lining, making it extremely comfortable to wear. As with all our blindfolds there is extra padding around the nose, to block out unwanted light or peeking, and less padding over the eyes to reduce pressure on them. The blindfold features a velcro fastening, making it quick and easy to put on and remove. The lack of a buckle makes this blindfold ideal if the wearer may be moving around or struggling, as there is no metal which may dig in.

This item is made in the UK by Bondatrix. The blindfold is quite adjustable in it’s sizing, however this item can also be made to your measurements if required. It can also be made with different colours – please contact for more details if you are looking for a specific colour.


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