Sheepskin blindfold with overhead strap


Discrete but effective blindfold.

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Blindfold featuring moveable leather oval eye pieces with sheepskin lining and a strap over the top of the head to help hold the blindfold in place. The moveable eye pieces enable a more comfortable and accurate fit over the nose, and ensure you can alter the fit if using with different people. The sheepskin padding blocks visibility and reduces pressure on the eyes.

The blindfold has a leather strap and buckle for adjustability. The buckle fastens at the side of the head and the overhead strap fastens on the top of the head, allowing you to lie back in comfort. It is fully removable so if you want the option of sometimes using the overhead strap, and other times not having the overhead strap that is easily achieved. The buckles have a soft leather backing panel, meaning there is no metal in contact with the skin, making it more comfortable to wear.

This item is made in the UK by Bondatrix. The blindfold can be made to measure – please supply measurements when ordering. It will have several inches of adjustability however providing measurements prevents straps being far too long and looking untidy. It can also be made with different colour leather eye patches to those specified below as a special order. Please contact for more details if you are looking for a specific colour.


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