Upper arm cuffs, with black, purple or red edging



Our custom made padded upper arm cuffs with soft edging which looks stylish but also means there are no rough edges to irritate the skin. (Leaving you free to cause the irritation you choose to by other means!) These cuffs are wonderfully comfortable to wear, with the padding and edging ensuring they will not rub enabling your submissive to wear them for hours. The padding and lining also means there is no metal in contact with the skin, so there is no need to worry about any metal allergies.

Upper arm cuffs give all kinds of bondage possibilities. They are always fun on a female submissive, either clipped together infront to enchance the cleavage, or behind the back to force the chest out.

Upper arm cuffs have two welded metal D-rings for plenty of attatchment points.

Choose regular buckles or lockable buckles from the menu depending on your preference.

Made in the U.K. in the Bondatrix workshop, and available made to measure for no extra charge. The buckle does mean there will be a couple of inches of adjustability, so do not worry if you cannot supply measurements as a standard size will fit most.

Additional information

Trigger clip?

No trigger clips, One trigger clip, Two trigger clips

Suede edging colour

Blue, Black, Red, Purple


Standard, Lockable


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