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Made in England
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10mm Varnished rattan heart cane with braided handle

Sales price £40.00
Stingy but light and easy to control.
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This unusual cane is lightweight and varnished which makes it stingy. It is made from the central core of rattan cane. It has no flex, making it easy to use for beginners. It is as light as a kooboo cane, but the varnish finish makes it stingier. Ideal for those who want something a step up from a kooboo cane, but not as thuddy and intense as a dragon cane; or for those who love variety and are looking for an unusual cane to add to their collection. It is 10mm thick, making it a great medium cane to use and receive.

Choose your length from the menu. If you are a beginner, have a small area to play, or your other canes are 60cm long, we recommend that option. If you are experienced and have the space to use a 80cm cane, this is our most popular option for this cane, as it gives more variety in intensity.

Choose your leather braided handle colour from the menu.



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