Suede and leather cricket bat paddle

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Two different materials for a contrast in sensations.

This leather paddle is made in the UK from black leather and purple suede. It is quite flexible due to its length, making it much more forgiving than our wooden paddles. This paddle is ideal for beginners or serious players. It is a lovely warm up toy, and can be used gently or harshly to give a wonderful stinging slap. The length adds to the potential for sting, and makes it a great paddle for striking both butt cheeks at once.

The suede side is thuddier and feels wonderful stroked across tender skin. The leather side is much stingier and provides a wonderful contrast. Tease your submissive with which side they are going to get - have they been good enough for suede? Keep varying which side you use to keep them guessing!

If you would like a different colour leather or suede simple get in touch. This paddle is made in the UK by Bondatrix, so could be made with purple suede and purple leather, or in all black or all red or red and black. More unusual colours may also be available - simple get in touch with your preference to check availability.


Tuesday, 18 October 2016
It is tough and has a nice weight to it. Another toy great for sensation play.
Black Magic