Set of three wax play candles of various temperatures

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Three candles with different melting points for a range of sensations

A great way to build up a wax play scene with three candles which all burn at different temperatures. The blue is the coolest candle and burns below body temperature. This makes it very cool and ideal for starting out in a scene and for complete beginners who are wary of candle wax. Even people who are not keen on wax play or heat will find this candle tolerable. The purple candle is a mid-range temperature. This is similar to body temperature and will feel hot initially and then rapidly cool to a comfortable level. This is ideal to use throughout the scene as a great warm sensation. The red candle is the hottest. This is above body temperature and will feel hot on the skin and take some time to cool to body temperature. This candle is very popular with wax play enthusiasts and is great fun to add into a wax play scene for variety.

The range of candles really gives you more depth to play with within your wax play scene rather than simply using candles which all burn at the same temperature. The different colours make it easy and logical to identify during play, blue is cold and red is hot. The colours also make it possible to play at building up patterns on your submissive. They also make it easy to play games with your submissive where they have to guess which candle you are using based on the temperature, with suitable punishment if they answer incorrectly. Or mental fear play games of building up how hot the red candle will be and building up the fear and anticipation during the scene.

The core ingredient of these candles is paraffin. This makes it easy to use and it peels easily off the skin after play.

The cone shape means the candles stand well on their own, or are easy to rest on your submisive, telling them not to move otherwise they will spill hot wax on them. Then its up to you if you tickle them to make it even more challenging...The shape also means you initially get a few drops of wax at a time to use when the candle starts burning early on during the scene. Then as the candle burn progresses as the scene progresses you get a larger and larger pool of melted wax forming in the candle to use, enabling you to build the intensity by pouring larger amounts of hot wax onto your submissive in one go if you wish, or just keep dribbling a few drops at a time out if you prefer - keep them guessing what will come next!


The candles are 9cm tall.


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