Fire flogger


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Our fire flogger is made in our workshop and unique to Bondatrix. They can be dangled close to the skin surface, used as a traditional flogger, and even florentined.

Definitely requires space and ability to use floggers well! Comes with full instructions and guidelines for use.

Burn time approximately 2 minutes. This is standard and doesn’t sound long but feels it when in use due to the intensity of fire play! After first use – usually just re-soak in paraffin for 2 minutes and then re-use as desired.

We make the fire floggers in house and can fully customise them to suit you. We can make a longer handle and chain if you are unused to fire play, or a longer wick if you are an old hand at it. These items will need to be constructed so please bear in mind this will take some weeks. If you require them in a rush please enquire before ordering how long they will take.

AS SEEN ON TV! Our fire floggers were featured on ‘The British Suck In Bed’ by Virgin 1 as part of the Rude season on Wednesday 13 August 2009.


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