Ankle restraints – black suede edging



Our custom made padded ankle restraints with black suede edging. These cuffs are wonderfully comfortable to wear, with the padding and edging ensuring they will not rub on the ankle bone enabling your submissive to wear them for hours. There are no rivets and no metal in contact with the skin at any point, so there is nothing that will rub or cause an allergic reaction. They are lined with soft leather, which combined with the padding makes them comfortable to wear for hours, enabling you to keep your submissive in bondage for as long as you desire. I have even had customers comment that they spend all weekend and sleep in my collar and cuff sets.

Choose regular buckles or lockable buckles from the menu depending on your preference.

These cuffs have a couple of inches of adjustability and a standard size fits most. However they can be custom made to your measurements for no extra cost – simply supply your ankle size when ordering.

Matching wrist cuffs available.

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Trigger clip?

No trigger clips, One trigger clip, Two trigger clips


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