Ankle suspension cuffs


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Crafted in the UK and sumptuously padded, these are extremely comfortable ankle suspension cuffs. Each pair is made to order, ensuring a perfect fit. The cuffs have no metal in contact with the skin. Each cuff is entirely double lockstitched, providing greater strength than riveted leather. The cuffs are padded at all points, and the padding around the ankle is adjustable, enabling you to get the perfect position over the ankle bone.

The thick welded metal D-rings are sturdy and easy to clip onto or tie rope onto. The cuffs are ideal for suspension work or simply to use as regular ankle cuffs where the submissive will be laid down or have their ankles raised. They are far more comfortable to wear than regular ankle cuffs, which also makes them ideal for anyone with weaker ankles or slim people with bony ankles and feet.

PLEASE NOTE Full aerial suspension is dangerous. Please treat it as such and do not attempt suspension without research, safety, and keep things RACK.

Measurements required: around ankle – just above ankle bone, around foot at instep, length of foot – from toe to heel. If you require a generic size, please simply state if they are for men, women or a size to fit most.

Price is for a pair. Chain not included.


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