Pair of wrist suspension cuffs – strap to fit your existing cuffs


Great for use on a St Andrews cross or anywhere your hands are above your head

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This strap slots onto your existing wrist cuffs, turning them into suspensions cuffs. Will fit most restraints, up to 2 inches wide (and fits all Bondatrix wrist cuffs). It completely changes the position of your arm and wrist when in bondage with your hands above your head. Standard wrist cuffs generally make your hands cold and tingly after a short space of time (when your hands are above your head) as the cuff digs into your tendons and restricts blood supply to the wrist. These cuff straps keep your hand and wrist in an upright position, and have a comfortable wooden bar you can grip, all of which helps keep the blood flowing and keeps your hand and arm in a more comfortable position. This means you will be able to remain in this bondage position for much longer, ensuring you do not have to end the scene early due to cold, tingly hands.


These cuffs have also been weight tested and are designed to be suitable for suspension. Please bear in mind when using these for actual suspension that you are putting a lot of strain on the arms and back when suspending someone by just their arms (think how difficult it is to do chin ups then imagine holding that) so it is not recommended that you keep someone suspended for a long time by just their wrist. They are ideal for short term suspension though, or having the sub attached to a bar above their heads where they may occasionally lose their footing and rely temporarily on their wrists in bondage to hold them up.


Crafted entirely in the UK, using the highest quality materials. Can be made to measure if your cuffs are wider than 2 inches. The straps have no metal in contact with the skin, so metal allergies are not an issue. Each strap is entirely double lockstitched, providing greater strength than riveted leather. The straps feature padding and are soft leather edged at the point where they are in contact with the wrist for extra comfort and to ensure they will not rub.


The thick 1 1/2 inch welded metal D-rings are sturdy and easy to clip onto or tie rope onto.

PLEASE NOTE Full aerial suspension is dangerous. Please treat it as such and do not attempt suspension without research, safety, and keep things RACK.

These cuffs have been tested with a wide variety or men and women and should fit most people. They slip onto your usual cuffs so fitting round the wrist is not an issue. If you have unusually large hands please send measurements and we will advise whether they will fit or if we will need to make them to measure with a wider wooden bar.

Price is for a pair. Wrist cuffs are NOT included but can be ordered separately on the site.


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