Keyholder lock up remote chastity service


Looking for a keyholder for your chastity cage?


Do you want a beautiful cruel strong dominant lady to hold your chastity key?

Mistress Vicky loves thinking about men locked up and frustrated at her command. You can agree a fixed period with Mistress Vicky, based on two weeks, one month, or multiple months.

If you are new to chastity or using a new device choose two weeks initially – this can be extended later if desired.

You can choose the basic treatment where you will be locked up and left alone.

Or a more in depth lock up with random occasional spot checks where you have to provide proof you are still locked up and not cheating.

IMPORTANT All interactions will be by email only. Do not call, do not text, do not whatsapp the Bondatrix office. If you break this simple rule you will not be allowed to be locked up or if already locked you will not be allowed to continue being Mistress Vicky’s chastity slave. No refund will be given.

You can lock yourself in your device and post the key to Mistress Vicky. Or buy plastic numbered locks and use one, with photo proof of the number on the lock to prove you are staying locked. If you are new to chastity you should wear your device for a couple of days trial period before contacting Mistress Vicky to check it is comfortable enough for longer term wear. If you are new to chastity I would recommend a two week fixed period lock up for your initial experience.

This service is for single males, aged 25 and over only. Mistress Vicky does NOT offer tease and denial services. If you pay for a period of time and cannot last that length of time there will be no refunds.

Additional information

Length of time

One month, Two weeks

Type of chastity

Basic, lock up and leave alone, Lock up with spot checks


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