Kooboo cane set with braided leather handles


Set of three kooboo canes


A gorgeous set of kooboo canes, perfect for any Dominant. Kooboo canes are the lightest of the rattan canes, making them great for beginners, or as warm up canes. If you are looking for a thuddier set check out our dragon canes.

This set contains three canes, of varying thickness to give great variety for play.

Select 60cm if you are newer to canes, playing in a smaller space such as a bedroom or small club, or want a more portable option. Select 80cm if you are used to canes and want a more intense range of canes.

Select your colour of leather braided handles from the menu. If you would like a colour not listed please message to see if it is available, then select custom. The set will have matching handles of the same colour. If you would like each cane to have a different colour handle please select custom and message when ordering stating which colours you would like on each cane.


Please note, kooboo canes are the quickest grown rattan cane. This means the canes are often not perfectly straight, and the bark is not as smooth as dragon canes. If you are looking for a straight, smooth cane pick the dragon cane set instead. If you are looking for a lighter and cheaper cane to get used to canes, or would like variety from your existing dragon canes, these canes are perfect. The are very popular with beginners – as they are lighter to use and easier to receive.

Additional information

Cane handle colour

Black, Red, Purple, Red & black, Blue & black, Purple & black, Silver & black, Pink & black, Green & black

Cane length

60cm, 80cm


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