Beginners cane set


A great set of canes, specially selected for those new to caning.

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The set contains

a thick kooboo – the gentlest of canes,

a thuddy dragon cane – weighty and intense if used with force

a pair of thin kooboos – light and whippy, ideal for warm up and for learning twilling (two handed cane use) as they are not intense.

All the canes are a short length – around 60cm, making them easier to control and take for beginners. The more intense canes are reasonably stiff and thick, making them easier for the Dominant to control and less painful for the submissive than whippy canes. The pair of thin kooboo are whippy and more of a challenge to use, however they are so light they are ideal for learning with.

Complete beginners please note that canes are one of the most intense impact play toys. If you are looking to purchase your first ever piece of BDSM kit we would recommend a flogger rather than a cane as they are more versatile.

If you would like to find out more about how to use canes look up Bondatrix on YouTube where we have produced a range of free how to videos on caning and many other topics.

Please note canes are a natural product. This means they do not grow completely straight. Most canes will have some curve to them, work with the curve when using canes for the best effect. The canes at Bondatrix are not artificially straightened before dispatch as they would only return to their natural shape over time. For information on caring for your cane please see our advice pages or watch our video on YouTube by searching for Bondatrix on YouTube.


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