Narrow chain leash

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A long but dainty leash, much lighter and more feminine than our other chain leash. All joins are welded though so despite its delicate looks, this leash is very strong and sturdy.

The end clasp is reasonably small, meaning it will fit on slim D-rings on collars, but not chunky D-rings. If you wish to combine it with a collar in the Bondatrix range just order them at the same time and we will use a D-ring which will fit the leash when making the collar.

1 review for Narrow chain leash

  1. Mistress Tanya (verified owner)

    Calling all feminine Mistresses,

    This leash is so elegant and well- proportioned, strong but subtle and a major upgrade compared to the local pet shop. Feminine subs will also appreciate how well this looks on them. There is enough length for a sub to crawl on all fours or be led around standing as the Dom desires. The design does mean that it may not be initially compatible with existing toys, but this can be worked around by attaching a small carabiner to the toy and the leash to the carabiner.

    The product is one of those things in life that until you have it, you really did not know how much you needed it. Thoroughly recommended.

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