PVC sleep sack


Stunning BDSM bondage bag in a choice of colours


A stunning body bag made in the UK in a thin stretchy lycra based PVC. This makes it very sensual to be in and be touched and teased through. It has several zip points to open and play with the submissive inside. (This zip point can be moved to anywhere on the length of the zip so you can keep them fastened inside and access any point.) The internal arm sleeves trap the wearer, making it impossible for them to free themselves.

This is great for tease and denial for submissive men and women. The submissive will be helpless and trapped at your mercy.

You can have a standard size which fits most, or provide measurements and have it custom made. For the standard size please give the person’s height and dress size (e.g. 5 ft 7 size 14 or 6ft 1 Size L, etc, etc) and it will be made to be a general fit for that size and height person. (If it will be for several people give the tallest, largest measurements, and if it will be used on a wide range of people just say average female or average male.) The Custom Made option will be made fully fitted to your exact measurements all the way down the body for a lovely snug sensual fit, so you will need to provide height as well as measurements down the length of the body at 10cm increments or come and be measured in leicester or at the Birmingh Bizaree Bazaar. However most people do not need the Custom Made option, as the standard size is made to your approximate height and clothing size and works well enough for all except true bondage enthusisasts.

It is made in the UK by Bondatrix.

This can be washed – however we recommend hand washing in cold water to keep it’s shine.


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