Simple leather ankle cuffs



A simply but sturdy pair of leather ankle cuffs. These do not have the padding of many of our other styles so they will not be as comfortable for long term wear, particulalry around ankle bones, but they are great for a shorter scene, slaves who don’t aspire to comfortable cuffs, or those on a budget.

Made from real, durable belting leather, and with metal buckle and welded, strong metal D-ring. This will not snap or break during use, no matter how hard you pull on it. (With this design there will be the metal buckle in contact with the skin. If you have a metal allergy please see our padded cuffs where the design means there is no metal in contact with skin.)

These are adjustable, and one size fits most, but if you let us know your ankle size they will be made to the perfect size for you for no extra charge. As particularly for very slim ankles, or very chunky ankles made to measure will result in a better fit.