Soft leather flogger



A beautiful super soft leather flogger. This is made from a wonderful leather which is purely sensual. This is a great sensation toy or perfect for those who want to try impact play but aren’t into pain or are worried about it hurting. Even at full force this flogger will not hurt. It is great for warm up, sensual flogging, and stroking over the body.

If you would like a bit of impact then this flogger will be too gentle and we recommend the suede flogger in the medium intensity floggers section. The suede flogger will give some thud and be able to be used gently and a bit more intensely. This flogger will purely be gentle and sensual – perfect if that is what you are looking for!

Available in plain black only.

The standard length will have 36cm long tails and the long length will have 46cm tails. The standard handle is 15cm long and the long length handle is 21cm long. For the custom length option you can choose the standard or long handle and choose what length you would like the tails.

Additional information

Flogger tail colour

Black, Purple & black

Flogger size

Standard, long, custom

Flogger Handle type

Plain, Ridged, Whichever is already made


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