Stretchy PVC hood with open mouth


Machine washable hood


This stretchy lycra-based PVC hood is interesting to wear and cooler than traditional leather hoods. The PVC limits visibility, but blurred shapes are still distinguishable. It feels clingy, adding to the element of feeling bound. This version features an open nose and mouth, which makes breathing easy if you are new to hoods and nervous. It also leaves a lot of options if you wish to make use of the submissives mouth.

If you wish to add extra sensory deprivation to the wearer put a blindfold on over the top of the hood and/or put ear plugs in before putting the hood on. While the hood is being worn its easy to add a gag at any time.

This item is made in the UK by Bondatrix and can be made to measure. Due to the lycra nature of the material there is some stretch in the hood and it will fit several sizes. However you will probably need a different size for a small woman’s head with little hair compared to a large man’s head with thick hair. For a woman we recommend a medium if they have a very small head or a large if they have an average head or a lot of hair. If it will be used on women and men, a large is usually best and our most popular size at events. If it will be used on men with a large head the XL is the best size. If it is for one specific person and you would like a great fit, provide measurements when ordering we can ensure we send the right size or even make one to measure for no extra cost. Measure around the head at eye level.

This hood is washable, making it easy to keep clean between play sessions. Hand wash in cold water if you wish to keep the shine, or stick it in the machine if you arent too worried about the shine.

Available in black, purple or red. Choose your option from the menu.

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Medium, Large, Extra large


Black, Purple, Red


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