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Bondatrix’s unique head harness can be completely taken apart for maximum flexibility. You can use either the blindfold or the gag separately or even interchange the blindfold or gag with other items from the Bondatrix range. Or put it all together for a fantastic head harness.

As well as being removable each strap is also fully adjustable – the ones holding the blindfold to the gag as well as the straps around the blindfold and gag. This means you can get a perfect fit even when using it on a range of people.

As with all of Bondatrix’s bondage items it is designed to be comfortable when wearing for a long time. The blindfold is padded and lined, ensuring there is no light but also little pressure on the eyes. The gag is a delrin plastic round solid tube and is kinder to teeth than some gag materials. The suede edging on the gag ensures the strap does not rub or chafe. The buckles fasten at the sides so you can lay back in comfort and there is no buckle pressure on the back of the neck where it could cause pressure on the spine. Each buckle has a soft leather lining so there is no metal in contact with the skin, which could cause metal allergies and uncomfortable pressure of the buckle digging into the skin.

The head harness can have a black, purple or red theme – purple shown in picture. Please select your colour preference when ordering from the drop down menu below.

The head harness is made by Bondatrix in the UK. It will have some adjustability in sizing however if it is to be used on one specific person please specify whether you would like a ladies size or a man’s size when ordering, or provide your own measurements.

If you would like a different style of gag or blindfold included rather than those shown please contact us for a quote.

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Suede edging colour

Black, Red, Purple


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