UV reactive collar


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A 1 inch wide collar featuring a welded D-ring, making it suitable for bondage as well as looking pretty!

This item is made in-house by Bondatrix and can be made to measure. Available in different uv colours. See the selection of colours here. Choose from black, red, clear, yellow, pink, blue, violet (shown in photo under UV light). The colours are bright and vibrant under regular lighting and glow under UV, looking stunning in clubs. The yellow and the clear glow the brightest under UV. The red and black do not glow under UV light.

Measurements required: neck circumference. One size will fit most though as there are a couple of inches of adjustability, so if you are unsure of the size we will send a standard size or you can specify if it is for a man or woman and we will send an average size out.

These collars are made from a UV plastic, which means the skin cannot breathe underneath them, so they are only recommended for wearing for nights out or shorter scenes of a few hours, rather than as an everyday collar or for a whole week scene etc. They are also easy to clean compared to leather, so are popular to wear during messy scenes such as sploshing.


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