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Suede flogger

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Thuddy and sensual. A fantastic flogger for all skill levels.
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Made with high quality suede - these are beautiful thuddy floggers which are a joy to use.

Suede floggers are ideal for warm up, essential for any kit bag, and perfect for starting out with a first flogger. Whatever impact play scene you do, you are likely to use a suede flogger as they are such a versatile and popular sensation. Suede floggers are pleasantly thuddy, and are often likened to a deep massage.   

They are individually designed, crafted and tested in our workshop, ensuring perfect balance, ease of use, and wonderful sensations. Each suede is handled and cut differently to ensure the best flow and feel for each flogger.

Choose the length of flogger from the menu. A standard flogger is recommended for women, and also ideal for using in smaller spaces, such as a bedroom, or if you would like to be closer to your partner for a more intimate scene. The standard flogger has a shorter handle and 14 inch long tails. The long flogger has a longer handle and 18 inch long tails. The custom floger can be any length tails and you can specify whether you would like a shorter or long handle.

If you wish to order a matched pair, simply order two floggers at the same time and they will be created as a pair.

If you would like to be taught some two-handed techniques either come to see us at an event or book a tutorial with us that can be tailored to your needs.


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