5mm-6mm Kooboo cane with braided handle


Extremely thin and whippy


An extremely thin and whippy cane. This is quite difficult to control, so a shorter length is more popular, such as 60cm or 70cm. This cane is light, making it not too intense. Its a good warm up or sensation play cane.

Choose your length of cane from the menu. If you are unused to handling whippy canes choose the 60cm. If you are familiar with whippy canes the 70cm gives a bit more variety in use.

The gorgeous handbraided leather handle provides good grip and a decorative finish to this cane.

Additional information

Cane handle colour

Black, Red, Purple, Red & black, Blue & black, Purple & black, Silver & black, Pink & black, Green & black, Custom

Cane length

60cm, 70cm


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