Beginner hemp rope set, choose your colour. 8m and 5m piece, with safety shears.



A great rope set for beginners who want to experiment with rope. Hemp rope is perfect for beginners as it has a great strength and feel, and unlike cotton rope it does not stretch, so you can properly start to practice getting tighter ties. The set contains a 5m piece, which is a grat length for practicing single and ouble column ties, tying a pair of wrists together, or a pair of ankles together. The set also contains a 8m piece, which is great for tying basic chest harnesses, leg ladders, or experimenting with tying limbs together. As you have two pieces you can also practice joining two lengths of rope together, helping you decide when you buy future rope whether to buy shorter lengths and join them mid-tie, or whether to buy longer lengths of rope for more complicated harnesses. The set also comes with a pair of safety shears, a necessary piece of kit to have on hand just incase of emergencies and you cannot get a knot undone quickly enough. Safety shears have a lip on the tip rather than a short point, and are designed for getting between the rope and skin to cut the rope in an emergency, rather than a sharp point which could stab the skin and cause future issues.

This rope is dyed in the UK, and the quality is lovely. It is soft and supple, and a pleasure to use. We have been personally product testing 😉 this rope for a year before deciding to stock it online and it passed the testing with flying colours.

This rope is fine to wash occasionally if you get it dirty. You can machine wash it at 30 or 40 degrees with mild detergent. Do not put any other items in the wash incase a tiny amount of dye stains other items, and run an empty wash afterwards to ensure the machine is clean.

Available in black, red, purple, pink, and dark green. The price is for the whole set of 5m, 8m, and safety shears in whichever colour you choose.

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Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red


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