Flash cotton


A great way to begin playing with fire!

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A packet of flash cotton which you can use to create a small but stunning instant fire on your sub which burns almost instantly. This is the safest way to play with fire, but you should still attend a workshop to find out how to do it safely first or ask Vicky for a quick lesson at an event where Bondatrix is trading. The most important thing is to only use a small amount at a time, and pull it apart to let the air in so it burns quickly. Do NOT just get the whole lump out the packet and put it on the skin then set it alight!

The packet has enough to last for a couple of scenes if you want to play with it fairly extensively in a scene, or will last for many play sessions if you just use it a little bit a small part of a scene. The packet comes ready to use, all you need is a lighter and a willing submissive.

If you would like to learn all about wax play, fire play and temperature play you can book a workshop with Bondatrix here Wax Tutorial



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