Large blue leather flogger


Fascinating textured leather with raised squares

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Made with high quality leather – this is a beautiful thuddy flogger which is a joy to use. The pattern on the flogger adds an element of sensation play when run gently over the skin, to feel the raised squares on the leather.

Leather smells and feels amazing. These floggers are made from a wonderfully supple cow hide, which feels lovely and thuddy, with very little sting.

These leather floggers are great for warm up and also for use throughout a scene. They give a great slap sound, and feel great draped over the skin, and smell amazing draped over the face to relax the submissive.

They are individually designed, crafted and tested in our workshop, ensuring perfect balance, ease of use, and wonderful sensations. Each leather is handled and cut differently to ensure the best flow and feel for each flogger.

This long flogger has a 21cm long handle and 46cm long tails.


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