Pink silicone ring gag



This is a really great gag for beginners and experienced gag users. The whole gag is made from silicone (with a few metal fasteners). This makes it ideal for vegans and also makes it a really stretchy, soft, comfortable material against the skin and inside the mouth. It means the ring has some give in it so you will not damage your teeth or jaw by biting on it (but it does have a solid centre so will retain it’s shape. The ring means you can breathe through it easily, meaning there is less chance of choking than there is with a solid ball gag. It also forces the mouth open so the Dominant can explore the submissives mouth with fingers, toys, food (will you give them something nice or nasty?) or force feed them cock if the opening allows. The silicone means there is a slight stretch in the strap, making it easy to get a good tight fit, making it harder for the wearer to force out of their mouth. Finally the lockable buckle means you have the option of simply fastening the gag nrmally, or padlocking the wearer into the gag for an added element of control play.


The strap will fasten from 36cm up to 52cm, which fits most. The outside edge of the ring is 5cm across. The inside of the ring is 3.5cm across.


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