Snakebite paddle


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A truly magnificent slapper – this will make a gorgeous addition to any Dom/Dommes kit bag. It features a solid sapele handle, combined with an intense, flexible leather slapper with spikey studs. This slapper is not as stiff as a traditional leather paddle, and requires some skill and practice to get the best effects. However due to it’s flex, it moves quicker, giving a lot more sting than a stiff paddle. This makes it a very stingy and thuddy intense piece of kit.

Recommended for experienced players looking for an intense item.

The spiky studs will break the skin if used with force, so this item is recommended as a toy to use with one submissive only.

The handle is 16cm long. The leather is 36 inches long. the leather is 7.5cm wide and 0.5cm thick.


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