Black leather thuddy poi floggers (pair)



All the other floggers on the site are handcrafted by Bondatrix in the UK. However we have found something a little special in the poi flogger market from the USA! These poin floggers have a swivel ball joint, so unlike most floggers which are fixed these swing round as you use them, so they always fly beautifully, don’t tangle and put less strain on your arms, making it much easier to learn two handed poi flogging techniques such as florentine flogging.

This particular set is a thick and thuddy bull hide leather and heavy. If you have strong arm muscles this pair will be what you want, if you are average strength then the other poi floggers on this site will suit you better.

Available with just the finger loops, or with handles so you can switch between poi finger loops and a more traditional but very swivelly flogger.

Price is for a pair of floggers.

Additional information

Handle type poi floggers

Finger loops and wooden handles, Just leather finger loops