Double ended purple suede and black leather


Ideal for variety and one handed florentining


Fancy florentining but don’t have the co-ordination to use both hands at once to achieve it? This flogger gives the feel of florentining for the submissive with one flogger. OR already florentine and fancy a new challenge learning a new skill and making it even more intense for the submissive? In which case order two and do double florentining! Guaranteed to make a super fast paced new experience for your submissive and look amazing in clubs.

These floggers have different materials on either end. This means you can wrap the tails round the handle from one end and use it like a regular flogger but have both a suede and a leather flogger option in one. These floggers are also easy to drape over your shoulder during play, to keep it to hand whilst doing other things. And of course you can swing it back and forth across your body in a figure of eight to florentine with it using only one hand.

If used in a florentine motion these floggers are difficult to put a lot of force into them. They are designed more for use as a rythmn and speed impact flogger rather than a really heavy thuddy flogger. However if you wrap the tails of one end they can still be used like a traditional thuddy flogger and do have sufficient tails to give a decent punch.

If you would like a demonstration of how to use these floggers or some technique tips feel free to ask at any event where you see Bondatrix in person. 

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Flogger storage bag

No storage bag, Any ready made, Black Leatherette, Black PVC, Black satin, Purple snakeprint PVC, Red PVC, Skulls, Tartan


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