Black handle poi ball flogger – pair


Great for pair work and price is for a pair.


A matched pair of floggers with a solid wood ball handle, ideal for pair work, florentining, and poi flogging techniques. Made in the U.K. by Bondatrix and can be made to order in a range of materials and lengths.

These are constructed with slightly less tails than our standard handle floggers, to make them easier to twirl and spin for poi techniques. For a thuddier hit put both floggers in one hand.

You can select the size you require from the drop down menu. The difference between the sizes is the length of the tails. The standard has 14” long tails which is great for beginners or playing in a smaller space. The long has 16” long tails and is the most popular. This length swings and twirls nicely for most people. If you would like something even longer you can try the custom, and have 18” long tails or an even longer length of your choice, which gives more options for advanced poi flogger users, but requires more space and skill.

The favourite size for most people to use is the long which has 16” long tails, if you are unsure what size to order.

Choose the flogger tail material you would like for the pairfrom the dropdown menu. Leather or suede are the most popular options and provide a variety of sensations depending how much force you put into the swing. The soft leather will be very sensual, ideal if you are new to poi floggers and worried about accuracy or have a sub who is into the more sensual side of flogging. The stinger leather will be thick leather cut thinly making it a very stingy, intense pair.

The price is for a matched pair of floggers.

Additional information

Flogger storage bag

No storage bag, Any ready made, Black Leatherette, Black PVC, Black satin, Purple snakeprint PVC, Red PVC, Skulls, Tartan

Flogger size

Standard, long, custom

Tail material

Latex, Leather, Soft leather, Stinger leather, Suede


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