Double ended flogger (stingy/thuddy)



This double flogger offers a great mixture of sensations, with one end having thin-cut stingy leather tails, and the other having thuddy leather. The different leathers offer an interesting contrast and can help build sensations into a scene. Wrap the tails of one end round the handle and use the other as a regular flogger to give you two floggers in one. Alternatively hold in the middle and weave the flogger back and forth across your body to florentine one handed. This gives a fast flogging, with more speed but less thud than a one-ended flogger. This makes it intense for the submissive, but in a different way to most floggings.

This is a great flogger for experienced players looking for a new challenge. Interestingly, because the wrist work is similar to that used for poi, poi users often pick up the technique quickly and find this flogger easier to use than a traditional one-ended flogger.

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Flogger storage bag

No storage bag, Any ready made, Black Leatherette, Black PVC, Black satin, Purple snakeprint PVC, Red PVC, Skulls, Tartan


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