Pleasure bay kink event, Greece holiday- opportunity to accompany Mistress Vicky for one slave 27th-30th October 2023


Accompany Mistress Vicky as her personal slave on a unique kink holiday to Greece for this three day fetish event. Read the description in full on how to apply. If you call your number will be blocked.

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Read the description in full before applying by email.

A unique opportunity to accompany Mistress Vicky to the kink event Pleasure Bay in Crete, Greece, from 27th-30th October 2023. This is a three day fetish event where kinksters have the whole 4-star hotel. There are a range of BDSM parties, fetish shows, workshops, a private beach, DJ’s, photographers and special guests from the kink world. You will be my personal slave for the duration of the trip, treating me like a queen, attending to my every need.

You can find out more about the holiday here

You will pay for a double room with single occupancy for Mistress Vicky, and one for yourself, (690 euros per room), all transport costs for Mistress Vicky from her house to and from the event obviously including flights, and all additional food and drink and extra expenses for the entire trip. The hotel is half board, so breakfast and evening meals are already included. There is no additional charge for Mistress Vicky’s time/for play during the holiday, you will be Mistress Vicky’s slave serving her the whole time, and more specific kink play e.g. bondage or beatings will be administered at her whim during the holiday once at the private hotel. You are welcome to pick Mistress Vicky up from her house, chauffeur her to the airport, and fly with her, or arrange her travel and meet at the hotel in Crete. (In public vanilla settings until you reach the hotel you will look like an attentive partner looking after Mistress Vicky’s every need to any onlookers, once at the private hotel you can be in full obvious slave mode to onlookers.)

There is only one space available for this unique event. Mistress Vicky is looking for just one slave to accompany her, you will not be sharing her time with other slaves.

There will be no sexual or genital play for the entire visit.

If you have read this description in full and would like to proceed with this unique holiday please email Mistress Vicky at with a brief description of

1) your interests,

2) your level of experience,

3) why you would like to be considered for this opportunity

4) why you think you would be a good travel companion and slave for this holiday

Mistress Vicky will then reply to you letting you know if sound like an interesting slave for the holiday and ask any questions. There is only one space available so your application will be more important than for a usual slave holiday. Take the time to write a well thought out introduction email answering the four points above using good grammer if you wish to be considered.

If you call up rather than email your number will be BLOCKED. Accompanying Mistress Vicky is a priviledge you need to earn by following the instructions above.

There will be full negotiation prior to the holiday to ensure you get the most from the experience and can be in slave mode from the start, and you will be allowed to safeword during the holiday if you wish to change the pace, take a break, or try something different. You will also have your own room if you need a break – if you are not used to it a full three day holiday in a full on kink environment surrounded by fetishists can be overwhelming without time alone to process or have a rest. Mistress Vicky is quite used to travel and kink events of this scale so will be able to amuse herself if you need some alone time in your room at some point during the visit.

Mistress Vicky’s specialities include impact play, especially caning and flogging, bondage and sensory deprivation including cuffs, rope and mummification, prisoner scenarios, forced feminisation, slave training and long term D/s scenes.

If while at the event other Mistresses would like to play with you this will be allowed if you want it to happen. You will be able to negotiate this with Mistress Vicky at the event if the opportunity occurs and you will be able to say no – consent is key. Mistress Vicky is quite used to co-topping so you could be double Dommed or take part in group play but only if the opportunity occurs and everyone consents.

Mistress Vicky does NOT offer strap on, body worship, watersports, CBT, electrics, suspension, branding, needles, permanent marks or any play which involves contact with the genitals. All of this is not negotiable.

Mistress Vicky will be treating this as a holiday for herself too – so the focus will be on what she wants to do, not on ensuring you have exciting kink play 24/7. She may have some time in her room to relax, or sunbathe with a book, you will not have her full attention 24/7.

Alcohol consuption will be kept to a resonable level by Mistress Vicky – she does not drink heavily then do intense kink play at any time, even on holiday relaxing with a slave. You will have to ask Mistress Vicky’s permission to drink alcohol at any point during the holiday. There will be no drug consumption at all. This is a kink holiday where there will be plenty of kink play which should be done sober and sane, not a ‘lad’s holiday’.

The cost listed for this product is an approximate estimation of the total cost of this trip for yourself and Mistress Vicky and the final cost may differ depending on transport costs and other expenses. Mistress Vicky is happy flying economy and being resonable with expenses – she does not expect first class flights and champagne on tap (although if you can comfortably afford this level of luxury it will not be refused). Do not purchase this item through the website, email to apply – you will be paying the holiday organisers for the rooms, not Mistress Vicky, the price is just to give an idea of the likely cost.

If you wish to add on a day or two to the holiday in Crete to do some sightseeing with Mistress Vicky this may be possible before the event starts, at your cost. If you are interested in doing this mention it at the time of the initial introduction email. The event website lists the rate for rooms for extra nights before the event starts on the Friday and there is an icebreaker and get to know you event on the Thursday night you could attend with Mistress Vicky. (Mistress Vicky will not be available for extra nights after the event as she will be going to Hungary the following weekend to teach at the Hungarian Kink Convention.)



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