Matched pair of leather floggers with oak handles




These floggers have a few less tails than those on the black handles, making them great for those looking for a slightly lighter matched pair. Very popular with those who love the smell and feel of leather. This lovely thuddy leather is very versatile, delivering anything from a gentle slap to a weighty punch, depending on the force used. As a pair they have a wonderful weight and balance and provide a great thud, with almost no sting.

Available in a long and short length. The long length has 18 inch long tails, while the short has 14 inch long tails. The shorter length is recommended for those new to two-handed work, and for use in a smaller space (e.g. bedroom). The longer length is recommended for experienced players and use in a larger space (e.g. clubs). Choose your length from the menu below when ordering.

This item is handcrafted in the UK.

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